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with an introduction by Paul Stubbs

Isbn 9782919582105 – 2015 – 70 pages – 9 €

These poems are ploughing new territories outside of the compulsion to portray any particular emotion or feeling, for what each of them demands of itself is not just ‘expression’ or an escape from expression, but to uproot the very trunk of the language which has already outgrown such things. Blandine Longre, in carving away at the object of the idol of her own primordial will, draws blood fresh from the fingertips of any reader who might happen to pick up and inspect the rough-hewn contours of her truest self—that is from the detritus of each imaginary torso-in-the-making that may float inside of our brains soon after reading her: ‘senses maddened into bone-tales distold: / fronting the words of thick-wet / their loose skeleton only savant mimicry’.

Paul Stubbs

Blandine Longre is a French literary translator. She has translated several poets and novelists (Tabish Khair, Rachel Cusk, Téa Obreht, Gregory Corso, W. S. Graham, David Gascoyne, D. H. Lawrence, Anthony Seidman, Paul Stubbs, Dexter Palmer), as well as essays, particularly on music and fine arts, for various French publishing houses (Calmann-Lévy, Robert Laffont, Gallimard, Notes de nuit, Le Sonneur, Hachette, Albin Michel, among others). She founded the Anglo-French publishing house Black Herald Press in 2010. Two poetry collections in English, Clarities and Cosmographia, were published in 2010 and 2015. She is the co-editor of the bilingual literary journal The Black Herald.

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