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‘Mindsight’, by Michael Lee Rattigan

We publish below a new poem by Michael Lee Rattigan, whose poetry collection Hiraeth was published in 2016 by Black Herald Press (alongside its French translation).


A sound as of windchimes, separation

on the grass in the all-made light

soaking every grass-blade and leaf,

a field’s mile-upon-mile renewal.

Bells unlike bells, light unlike light

seeing for the first time

the only known by touch, sensation

unencumbered by meaning.

One’s whole life outside and inside

as a cloud casts shadow,

different brightnesses

the falling ends of a sash.

Shades lacking a language

– exact.

Where one thing can’t be mistaken for another,

perception clearer than sight.

Song of different tongues

a picture without vision, an impression

the moment the heart stops

appearing out of the fog like sunlight.

More than a paroptic immediate,

eyes in every surrounding particle

the mind itself sees

down to specks of dust.

© Michael Lee Rattigan, 2020.


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